Maximum (4.5-Inch Uprights)

Maximum Playground Equipment

As their name suggests, Maximum play systems are jam-packed with exciting features to provide as much excitement as possible. Any one of them makes an impressive centerpiece to any playground. They use wide roofs and platforms so that there is plenty of room for the slides, climbers, and activity panels which fill almost every available space. More importantly, there is more than enough room for kids to move around and try every activity, even on crowded playgrounds. No matter what their interests, even the most discerning children are bound to find something that they can’t help but love on any one of these play systems. These are some of our top-of-the-line models, with no less than two slides on each and the largest model boasting a capacity of nearly a hundred children. The structures use durable components, including 4.5” outside diameter galvanized steel posts, to ensure all that extra fun is well supported.