Athletic Safety Equipment for Gym Class and Beyond

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Physical education and organized sports can make up an important part of students' education and experience in school. Young people need regular exercise for optimal health, which may begin with running and jumping on a school playground. Children can also learn valuable lessons when they participate in both individual and team sports at school. While these experiences are beneficial, they can also be potentially dangerous without the proper safety equipment. Physical education and organized sporting programs must have gear designed to protect youngsters from play-related injury.

Overview of Athletic Safety

While children may seem like miniature adults, their growth and continually changing bodies puts them at a higher risk for sports-related injuries. Children are usually less coordinated and weaker than adults, which also makes it more likely that they will experience an injury while playing sports. A sports injury during childhood can have long-term implications, with residual effects of the injury possibly lasting into adulthood. Even a typical injury like a sprained ankle could be more serious for a child, especially if the injury involves a growth plate. For these reasons, any program designed for child participants must have stringent policies in place about safety equipment, to ensure that children always wear gear to protect them from injury.