How Children Get Fit at the Playgrounds

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Obesity is a national social beast that impedes about 15% of American kids within the age range of 6 to 19. In fact, this figure skyrocketed by more than four times since the late 1960s. Due to the heavy influence of the technology-savvy, fast food-infested, and thickly-pampered world, the lack of physical activities have brought obesity, a clinical condition, to an everyday hurdle turned epidemic.

Today, physical fitness is viewed as the solution and salvation to a nation breeding a generation having difficulty to move forward, literally and figuratively. The success of each country lies within the ability of its people to produce and reproduce too. While there may be an overwhelming number of studies promoting physical activity for kids, this pressing issue is rooted to the basics of life --rekindling the good old playground fitness time from the good old days. Funny how we all seem to overlook the time we spent during our childhood days crossing parallel bars as we burn calories, win friends, and get a good laughs. In spite of being drenched in sweat, we gain precious playground workout as we become attached to the routine without forcing it in our daily tasks. Playground workout covers energetic activities such as jogging, running, climbing, hopping, and jumping done within the perimeter of play spaces.

Getting inspiration and rousing doable and realistic action lies on the shoulders of every parent, teacher, guardian, and educator. Crafting creative and critical exercises to do in a playground should not be placed at the bottom of every kid or student's to-do list. Instead, we must make children appreciate the beauty and value of physical fitness in the light of a seemingly no-brainer playground exercise.