How Fast is the Planet Dying? 26 Eye-Opening Statistics

The resources, biodiversity, and habitability of Earth are vanishing at an alarming rate. Global warming, an accelerating rate of extinction, plastic pollution, unsustainable fish farming, deforestation, air pollution, and food waste are just some of the factors that are threatening the planet.

If you would like to investigate further, you can click on the links to the sources of information for each statistic. Below that, you will discover some valuable resources that will show you how to use less plastic, how to save the rainforest, and how to protect endangered species with small, attainable habits.

  1. 1.77 Earths: We would need 1.77 planet Earths to sustain our current demand for resources and absorb our waste. This is referred to as global ecological overshoot.

  2. 30 football fields per minute: Twelve million hectares of tropical rainforest are destroyed each year. That is around 30 football fields per minute.

  3. One garbage truck per minute: Every minute, the equivalent of one dump truck of plastic is dumped into oceans.

  4. 16 tons per minute: Sixteen tons of sewage are dumped into American waters every 60 seconds.

  5. 2050: By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

  6. 2048: By 2048, saltwater fish could run out if nothing changes.

  7. 1 in 4: One in four fish sampled at fish markets in California and Indonesia contained plastic.