Poseidon's Hideout Educational Guide

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

1. Number Games:

There are tons of three-dimensional bubbles scattered throughout the nautical scene, which have numbers, shapes, and symbols printed on them. These provide plenty of opportunities for educational gameplay.

• Try to count every bubble they can find.

• Find each of the numbered bubbles in order, counting as high as possible.

• Pick a shape bubble, then find the number bubble which represents the number of shapes, or the number of sides.

• Finding all of the odd or even numbered bubbles.

• Add two of the numbers in smaller bubbles together, then try to find a bubble that contains their sum.

• The number of suction cups on each of the octopus’ tentacles matches the number in the bubble that tentacle is holding. Children can count the suction cups, then check to see if they got the right answer.

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