Sun Safety for Kids on the Playground

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Sunny summer days are the kind of thing that kids dream about all year long; the perfect time to get out and play. However, too much sun can be a dangerous thing. Not only can the excessive heat cause serious immediate problems like dehydration or heat stroke, there are also long-term risks, including permanent skin damage, which can come from too much exposure to sun radiation. These helpful tips should provide some useful information about how you can beat the heat and keep your kids safe.

This is key! The most important thing to remember when out in the sun is to drink plenty of water. Of course cool water is an important way to prevent overheating, but it also helps the body in other ways. During hot days especially, large amounts of water exit the body through the pores as sweat. Tiny sweat droplets may not seem like much water, but they can certainly add up over time. This water needs to be replenished by drinking plenty of water. Soda doesn't cut it!