U.S. States Ranked by State and National Park Coverage

Which state in the U.S. has the highest percentage of land covered in state parks and national parks? Many assume that the state with the most land would take the top spot, but the state with the highest percentage is actually one of the smallest in the country!

Which State Has the Highest Percentage of State and National Park Coverage?

The state with the highest percentage of state and national park coverage is Hawaii, with parks covering 9.41% of the state’s 4,134,000 acres. Its 50 state parks cover 30,000 acres, while the two national parks in Hawaii make up 358,870 acres.

The state that ranked last was Kansas, with just 0.06% of the state’s 52,660,000 acres made up of 26 state parks (32,000 acres) and 0 national parks.

What Is the Difference Between a State Park and a National Park?

The biggest difference between a state park and a national park is the governing body that oversees them. State parks are operated by state governments and national parks by the federal government. State parks also often have more amenities to offer than national parks.

Both state and national parks are deemed protected lands in order to preserve their natural beauty, historical or scientific importance, or recreational potential.