Product Specifications

Age Range: 2-12 years

Dimensions: 2' 7" x 7' 0"

Safety Zone: 6' x 14' 8"


Product Description

What kids care most about on the playground is slides, but what parents care most about is safety. Embankment slides like this 3-Foot Single Straight Embankment Slide are among the safest slides available, since they are mounted right along the ground instead of towering above it. No stairs or ladders are necessary, since kids can simply run back up the hill to reach the top. This encourages them to get exercise. With its modest size and great safety features, this is an ideal slide for preschool aged children. The arched entryway encourages kids to use the slide properly, and also gives it a more distinctive appearance. It is a very efficient way to bring slides to your playground, since it doesn’t require any existing play structure. It is available in several different color options, which you can choose from when you complete your order.

3 Foot Single Straight Embankment Slide

$2,202.00 Regular Price
$1,573.00Sale Price