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Unfortunately, cigarette butts are more commonly littered than any other type of trash. An accumulation of them in your area can become extremely off-putting to smokers and non-smokers alike. While our trash receptacles are well equipped for containing most kinds of waste, but cigarette butts need their own disposal area, or else they risk starting a literal garbage fire. For this reason, most of our receptacles can be fitted with this 32 Gallon Ash Bonnet Top Lid. It offers a convenient ash tray where guests can put out their cigarettes safely and cleanly so that guests will be less likely to simply leave them on the ground along walkways, saving time from cleanup and keeping the surrounding area looking nice. The unique elevated shape of the bonnet also helps to cover the opening of the receptacle, which prevents rain and precipitation from getting inside and making the trash wet and heavy.


Model Number: RAT32-S-02-000

Standard Finish Colors

(5-year Warranty)

Extreme Finish Colors

(7-year Warranty)

32 Gallon Ash Bonnet Top Lid

$189.20 Regular Price
$170.28Sale Price
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