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The 32 Gallon Flat Top Lid is our simplest model of garbage can lid for our 32 gallon receptacles. It has a simple round opening on top through which guests to your area can deposit their garbage. This helps to keep your location clean, since guests will be encouraged to dispose of their waste properly, rather than littering. The Flat Top Lid does not take up extra space like the Dome Lids, which makes it smaller and less obtrusive. The wide round hole covers most of the top of the receptacle, making it easy for guests to put their trash directly in without accidentally missing. The open top of the can also makes it very easy to know when the trash bag needs to be replaced, since it is easy to see inside of the can. This item contains the lid only, and does not include the plastic liner or the receptacle itself.


Model Number: RFT32-S-02-000

Standard Finish Colors

(5-year Warranty)

Extreme Finish Colors

(7-year Warranty)

32 Gallon Flat Top Lid

$105.60 Regular Price
$95.04Sale Price
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