Product Description

The 32 Gallon Plastic Dome Lid is a great option for topping off either our diamond pattern or perforated steel 32-gallon trash cans. It has a raised dome shape, which conveniently elevates the opening and allows the receptacle to reach its full capacity. It also makes the trash can more noticeable, so that guests to your location will be more likely to see and use it. It is made of durable commercial grade plastic, and fits tightly over the opening of the receptacle to keep out insects, animals, and rain. It has a door flap which automatically snaps closed when not in use, forming a secure seal. It is more lightweight than the metal dome lid, which makes it easier to remove and replace when the trash can needs to be emptied. The wide lid easily fits over the top of the receptacle. This item does not include the metal receptacle, plastic liner, or mounting hardware.


32 Gallon Plastic Dome Lid

$112.20 Regular Price
$100.98Sale Price