Product Description

The 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Slatted Steel has a unique style with a top that is wider than its base. While this seems as though it would limit the container’s capacity, it’s broad top actually allows it to hold a full 32 gallons of trash, just like our other models. The perforated steel is an important feature which allows the outside to cool so that the trash does not begin to smell because of the heat, and also allows water to drain out the sides, so that it does not get filled when it rains. The tough steel material is highly durable, and protects the weaker plastic lining inside (plastic lining can be purchased separately from our site). The steel is even coated with one of our two available plastic coatings, which gives it a bright and colorful appearance while also protecting the metal against corrosion, rust, and overheating.


Standard Finish Colors

(5-year Warranty)

Extreme Finish Colors

(7-year Warranty)

32 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Slatted Steel

$423.50 Regular Price
$381.15Sale Price