Product Specifications

Age Range: 2-12 years

Dimensions: 2' 7" x 8' 8"

Safety Zone: 6' x 14' 8"


Product Description

The 4-foot Single Straight Embankment Slide is a unique style of playground slide which is installed directly into the side of a hill, rather than as a freestanding structure or as part of a play system. This allows you to save money while highlighting the natural landscape of your play area. Of course, this makes the slide safer both on the way up and the way down, since the kids can simply run to the top of the hill instead of climbing stairs or a ladder, and since the slide is never more than a few inches above the ground. Unlike a traditional playground slide, multiple children can climb to the top of this slide at once, and wait there for their chance to ride down. The 4-foot Single Straight Embankment Slide is available in a wide selection of different colors.

4 Foot Single Straight Embankment Slide

$2,398.00 Regular Price
$1,713.00Sale Price