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Model Number: TRS46-C-04-000


Product Description

The Solid Top Round Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern is a great outdoor furniture item which can be used for many different purposes. The solid table top has a protective scratch-proof coating which prevents color fading, UV damage, and vandalism. It also allows small items like marbles or beads to be placed on top of it since there are no perforations. The bench seats still have the diamond pattern of holes which keep them from accumulating moisture. Unlike our portable picnic tables, this one is permanently attached to the location where it is installed with either in-ground or surface mounting. In-ground mounting is ideal for soft surfaces like dirt or asphalt, while surface mounting allows installation on harder surfaces such as concrete. The variety of mounting options allows this table to be installed anywhere. A number of different color options are always available to help personalize your order.

Solid Top Round Portable Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern

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