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Model Number: TRS46-D-12-000


Product Description

The Solid Top Round Single Pedestal Picnic Table with Perforated Steel is a sturdy picnic table which is designed to withstand any outdoor conditions in any location, all year-round. The solid surface of the table offers a lot of advantages over our other designs with grated or perforated metal. It can be used as a writing surface, and also can hold small objects which might otherwise fall through the holes. The benches are still made from perforated steel with a thermoplastic coating, which keeps moisture from accumulating on them. The circular design is also convenient since it places everyone an equal distance away from the center of the table, which is great for shared activities like card or board games, or shared meals. A range of color options are available to let you customize it to your liking. ADA accessible versions of this table, with two or three permanent seats, are also available.

Solid Top Round Single Pedestal Picnic Table w/Perforated Steel

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