Product Specifications


Fall Height: 8'

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Product Type: Swing Sets


Product Description

Swings are always one of the most popular attractions on any playground. That is why they have been around for so long, and why they are one of the first structures that we think of when we imagine playgrounds. However, that popularity also means that there is often a high demand for them. If your playground doesn’t have enough swings to go around, consider adding another with this 8 feet High Elite Arch Post Swing - Add a Bay. This simple kit makes it possible to lengthen your swing set by an additional bay, creating room for two additional children to swing. The set comes standard with two of our most popular swing seats, black rubber belt seats, but the set can be ordered without these seats and hardware if you prefer a different style of seat. Installation is simple, and the finished product will look like it was there all along.

8 Feet High Elite Arch Post Swing - Add a Bay

$1,102.00 Regular Price