Product Specifications

Model Number: PTC006 

Age Range: 5-12 years

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Safety Zone: 20' 5" x 20' 5"


Product Description

The 90-Degree Snake Loop Ladder is an angular climbing structure which will delight children with its fun climbing bars and unique geometric design. It uses unconventional hand rungs with a shape that seems to ‘snake’ back and forth. This provides more places to grip and a more interesting experience than a simple standard overhead climber. The less predictable shape means that kids will have to use more coordination and think about which rung they will reach for next. The structure features two 45-degree bends for even more variance, and to make it longer and more challenging. This also makes the climbing challenge different depending on which side the children start from. Both sides can be used as an entrance, and are complete with short ladders to make them more easily accessible.

90-Degree Snake Loop Ladder

$2,560.00 Regular Price
$2,304.00Sale Price
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