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Protect from harmful UV rays

Select designs offer up to 100% UV Blocking


Product Description

Hot summer or spring days will be made more bearable with the Bleacher Series Hanging Cantilever. This product features two mounting poles that can be surface mounted or in-ground mounted. Having the two standing poles frees up space underneath the umbrella and allows it to be placed almost anywhere whether over bleachers, walkways or bus stops. This means that visibility will be improved, which is oftentimes compromise that is made with hanging shades. This shade is great for sunny days as it guards people against the sun and also prevents metal seats from overheating which can be uncomfortable to sit on. It comes with an optional glide elbow which will make taking the shade down for seasonal storage a lot easier. The Bleacher Series Hanging Cantilever Fabric Shade comes in three different sizes and a customizable entrance height. It also can be customized in a multitude of colors.

Bleacher Series Hanging Cantilever Fabric Shade

Select your entrance height
Select your glide elbow
Select your mount
Select your size
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