Product Specifications
Model Number: PMF056 
Age Range: 5-12 years
Child Capacity: 65-80
Fall Height: 84"
Post Diameter: 4.5-inch
Safety Zone: 33' 1" x 63' 3"


ADA Accessibility
Elevated: 13 components
Ground Level: 6 components


Product Description

Derby Run is a fresh new playground structure built lengthwise to encourage healthy running between its features and incorporating a variety of interactive elements at various heights to facilitate fun for kids of all ability levels. With multiple areas to engage with, kiddos will never get bored. If anything, they’ll have a hard time settling on any one section. The several upraised decks allow access to the various slides, including a neat Double Slide for rides alongside a friend and a bouncy Wave Slide. Getting to this elevated section is as simple as marching up the gentle steps beyond the Transfer Station or can be accomplished through scaling one of many climbers, like the natural seeming boulders of the Rock Hole Climber or the entrancingly shaped metal rungs of the 3D Climber. Children uninterested in slides can pretend they’re running a business at the Store Panel beneath the comforting shadows of the attached overhanging Hex Shade. Or they might try to balance all the way across the steps of the Pebble Climber on their way to the excitingly arranged vertical circles of the Sunrise Climber.

Derby Run

$52,342.00 Regular Price
$47,107.80Sale Price
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