Product Specifications 

Age Range: 13 years +

Muscle Group: Chest

Product Type: Double Station

Unit Size: 2' 5" x 5' 9"


Product Description

Everyone loves a toned chest and firm muscles in the body. However, everyone cannot afford to go to a gym everyday to flex some muscles. That is why we have the Double Chest Press for you. As the name suggests, the Double Chest Press replicates the movements you do during a bench press exercise. It tones up the muscles in your chest, giving you a firmer appearance. Two people can use this fitness equipment simultaneously, which adds to the fun of exercising outdoors. The Double Chest Press is an effective way to burn some calories thus looking and feeling younger! Request the Double Chest Press for your outdoor fitness park today. The Double Chest Press comes in the colors as pictured: black and gray.

Double Station Chest Press

$2,630.00 Regular Price
$2,024.00Sale Price