Product Specifications

Model Number: PTH043 

Age Range: 5-12 years

Child Capacity: 42-48

Fall Height: 108"

Post Diameter: 5.0-inch

Product Type: Tree House

Safety Zone: 47' x 49' 3"


ADA Accessibility

Elevated: 10 components

Ground Level: 5 components


Product Description

Children will be thrilled to see the maze of tubes and passages that is the Feathery Fern play structure from the Tree House series. The pinnacle of this structure is the trio of 9-foot-tall Spiral Tube Slides. The combined length of these slides is staggering, and kids will line up from all over the playground to race their friends to the bottom. These slides each have transparent sections which let the riders catch glimpses of the outside world as it whooshes past, and let in some light to keep the tunnels from being dark or scary. To reach these behemoths, kids will traverse the ornate Incline Covered Bones Bridge. The 6-foot open Spiral Slide and 4-foot Straight Slide, though small by comparison, offer fun alternatives for those who aren’t ready to make the trip to the summit. The ADA compliant Transfer Station steps and the animal-themed Jungle Climber offer two alternate ways to access the upper levels of the structure. A Ball Maze Panel, Gear Panel, and Percussion Panel provide even more entertainment.

Feathery Fern

$63,436.00 Regular Price
$57,092.40Sale Price
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