Product Specifications

Model Number: PFS026 

Age Range: 2-5 years

Child Capacity: 8-12

Fall Height: 6"

Post Diameter: 5.0-inch

Product Type: Tree House

Safety Zone: 19' 10" x 16' 7"


ADA Accessibility

Elevated: 0 components

Ground Level: 4 components


Product Description

The Forest Market is a small playground hut which is perfect for all kinds of imaginary activity. The only way to enter it is by crawling through a small tunnel, making it a ‘kids only’ zone where grown ups aren’t allowed. The one room space is large enough for two or three small children to fit comfortably, and has two Stump Window Panels for natural looking walls with small round windows for a view of the surrounding area. Overhead, there is a Club House roof to keep out the sun, rain, and snow, making the Forest Market a perfect shelter from the weather all year long. The best part is the Stump Store Panel at the front of the hovel, which acts as a sort of barrier between the real world outside and the imaginary one within. It has a large window and ledges which can be used as the counter of a store, the front desk of a clubhouse, or the stage of a puppet show. The Forest Market is a truly great piece of playground equipment because can function as anything that kids want it to.

Forest Market

$7,474.00 Regular Price
$6,352.90Sale Price
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