Product Specifications

Model Number: PFS004P

Age Range: 2-12 years

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Product Type: Free Standing Panels

Safety Zone: None required


Product Description

Help your child’s mind to blossom by introducing them to this a-mazing Freestanding Finger Maze. As their finger makes the winding journey from start to finish, they’ll engage in play that improves hand-eye coordination while helping them recognize patterns within the intricate flower design. Along the way, they’ll learn how to get lost, find their way back, and the fun of starting all over again. This Freestanding Finger Maze is designed for learners and players of all ages, from those just entering the preschool age group through school-aged children. It’s the perfect way to grab and hold a child’s attention, whether they are a naturally shy preschooler that needs a little encouragement in their play or an exuberant 10-year-old who just wants a break from the rowdy chase elsewhere on the playground. This beautiful and intriguing freestanding panel adds an unexpecting and fetching elegance to any playground. The Freestanding Finger Maze is available in two preselected color patterns: primary and neutral. However, the colors for both the panel and posts are entirely customizable, allowing the structure to meet the design requirements of your play space.

Freestanding Finger Maze Panel with Posts

$926.00 Regular Price
$833.40Sale Price
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