Product Specifications

Model Number: PKP240 

Age Range: 5-12 years

Child Capacity: 45-52

Fall Height: 84"

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Safety Zone: 36' 9" x 32' 1"


ADA Accessibility

Elevated: 9 components

Ground Level: 5 components


Product Description

This cheerful playset has everything: climbers, slides, and interactive panels. Kids will reach new heights, entering the playset, making their way from the Vertical Ladder over to Overhead Snake Straight Loop Ladder. Or, they might start on the other side and traverse a symmetrical gym via an identical Vertical Ladder leading to the Trapezoid Loop Ladder. Then, once on the structure, children will have a fabulous time zipping down one of two Wave Slides or zooming down the charming Double Slide which provides an outlet for some fun and healthy competition. An Incline Arch Bridge offers a fun path from one platform to another, while a Firefighter Pole provides a fun way off of the structure. Down below, a Drum Panel, Store Panel, and Bench Panel provide creative outlets and relaxation to children of all ability levels and make the playset ADA compliant.


$20,074.00 Regular Price
$18,066.60Sale Price
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