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Protect from harmful UV rays

Select designs offer up to 100% UV Blocking


Product Description

With the Hanging Cantilever Fabric Shade, you can keep almost anyone or anything out of the sun. Whether its positioned over a storefront or a set of bleachers, this umbrella is sure to help keep people cool and shaded on sunny days. This shade mounts on the side, which allows it to conveniently attach to the ground next to buildings, taking up less space and making it more convenient for those who need to step out of the sun. The umbrella is also great for walkways, outside seating, and parking lots as the shade will prevent the overheating of sidewalks, metal seating, and cars on especially harsh days. This shade is also resilient to blustery winds that might otherwise ruin a beautiful, sunny day. All Hanging Cantilever Fabric Shades come with an 8-foot entrance height and 20-foot length. However, width is available at 10-feet, 12-feet, and 14-feet. Get the design right for your chosen location by choosing from the multiple fabric color and powder coating options available. This shade only comes with a glide elbow option.

Hanging Cantilever Fabric Shade

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