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The Large Dog Park Kit is a complete set of activities which includes everything you need for a complete agility training course for dogs, as well as some nice features for relaxing with canine companions. In addition to all of the structures from the Medium Dog Park Kit it also contains a double-sided Platform Climb with two long ramps, and a Two Hoop Jump, which offers an easier challenge than the included Dog Shaped Three Hoop Jump. Other agility obstacles that come with this package are the Crawl Tube, Stepping Bones, and adjustable Dog Hurdle. This great range of activities provides all sorts of activities for dogs to master, and are versatile enough to cater to every breed. The set even includes a Leash Post, with four hooks that leashes can be attached to so that the dogs can roam freely. And for the owners, there is a Square Table with Four Accessory Arms where they can sit while the dogs play.


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Large Dog Park Kit

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