Product Specifications

Model Number: PFS010SQPB

Age Range: 2-12 years

Product Type: Barriers & Panels

Safety Zone: None required


Product Description

Who knew a plastic panel could do so much? With our Line Panels, the only limitations are those set by the imaginations of the playground designers and the children who will play there. Put up a good fence to make good neighbors out of the playing children, or use them on the higher areas of your structure to keep kids safe from ledges and edges where they might fall. These roto-molded plastic fence pieces are also the perfect replacement for worn out playground components, providing sturdier and more functional components that remain dependable throughout all four seasons. The slits in the panels make it easy for parents and guardians to keep track of children as they scurry about the playground. Meanwhile, children can gossip between the posts, plan a jailbreak, or enjoy a tactical hiding spot with a view of those searching for them below. Whatever the safety or imaginative requirements for your playground, these safe, durable, and fun Line Panels will make a perfect addition or replacement. They come in a wide variety of colors, as well, so you can get the look as well as the use right.

Line Panel Only without Posts

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$361.80Sale Price
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