Product Specifications
Model Number: PTH037 
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity: 16-20
Fall Height: 48"
Post Diameter: 5.0-inch
Product Type: Tree House
Safety Zone: 24' 9" x 25'


ADA Accessibility
Elevated: 3 components
Ground Level: 2 components


Product Description

The Lynx Landing is a cozy little play structure that fits perfectly onto any playground, thanks to both its manageable size and its friendly design. Its design resembles a quaint dwelling built right into a tree, with two Stump Windows at its base to give it the appearance of roots spreading through the ground. Above these are two activity panels with molded frames that make them look as though they are set into wooden planks. These include a Gear Panel, which will make children feel like the tree house’s engineers with its interlocking plastic gears. The Maze Panel challenges kids to complete an arduous maze, which has a beautiful floral design. And of course, there are slides. A joined Double Slide will allow kids to quickly ride down from the four-foot deck of the structure, along with one of their friends.

Lynx Landing

$11,186.00 Regular Price
$10,067.40Sale Price
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