Product Specifications

Model Number: PFS048P

Age Range: 2-12 years

Product Type: Merry-Go-Rounds

Safety Zone: 18' 6" dia.

Unit Size: 6' 6" dia. and 8' 2" high


Product Description

The Merry-Go-Round Net Climber combines two classic playground activities into one amazing activity. Children can climb the pointed net climber to find a good position to hold onto, or get a better view of their surroundings. But the best part is that the circular platform that the net rests on can be spun around by an adult or other children, making this structure unlike any other structure. The net has a reasonable size which offers plenty of room to climb within a safe height. It also offers a nearly limitless number of secure places for kids to grip. The Merry-Go-Round Net climber is large enough to be enjoyed by up to 15 children at once.

Merry-Go-Round Net Climber

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$8,557.20Sale Price
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