Product Specifications

Model Number: PFN011 

Age Range: 5-12 years

Safety Zone: 41' 11" x 49'


Product Description

Enjoy the full potential of rope playgrounds with the Project Longshot. The integration of ropes and hanging rings creates a unique play structure. Children begin their exploration through any of the outlying points, but the central bridge with handholds allows for a special challenge. The labyrinth unfolds into a series of inclined rope bridges with a group of three ascending trapezoidal shapes in a grid of nylon encased steel. On the far edges of the system, two suspended spheres of net await children to climb through, around and under them. The system is more sprawl than height, as shown with the male figure of average height in the last image, lending a particular type of comfort to watching guardians and parents. Children will challenge their vestibular system to keep them upright as climb to their destinations. The extra safety provided by the steel, nylon and powder coat painted components makes it an excellent choice for public parks, schools, churches and nearly any environment that is designed for elementary school aged children.

Project Longshot

$28,778.00 Regular Price
$25,900.20Sale Price
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