The Rectangular Double Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern is a simple picnic table which is supported by two strong steel pedestals. These posts are located at each end of the table, leaving plenty of room under the middle of the table where people can stretch out their legs. These posts ensure that the table is well supported, and also have cross-beams which support the steel benches. Both the table and benches have perforations and a specialized thermoplastic coating to prevent them from getting wet. This coating protects  the table from other damage as well, including vandalism, UV damage, fading, rusting, and peeling. It even keeps the metal from getting uncomfortably hot or cold for those sitting on it. The thermoplastic coating can even be ordered in an exciting spectrum of different colors, so that you will be able to customize yours according to your personal tastes or existing outdoor structures.

Rectangular Double Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern

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