The Rectangular Independent Pedestal Picnic Table with Perforated Steel has a unique design in which the benches are mounted separately from the table. This makes them incredibly sturdy, since it triples the total number of 4 x 4 inch mounting posts. It also means there is nothing blocking entry to the benches, so that people can easily slide in and out on either side. The posts an be mounted with either in-ground or surface mounting, which means that they can be installed just about anywhere, on any surface. The table and benches have a protective thermoplastic coating, which can be ordered in a number of different color options according to your specification, adding to the already stylish appearance of this design. The thermoplastic coating is UV and fade resistant, so that the color will not fade, and is also peeling and vandalism resistant, making it almost completely maintenance-free.

Rectangular Independent Pedestal Picnic Table with Perforated Steel

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