Product Specifications

Model Number: PFT030 

Age Range: 13 years +

Muscle Group: Stretch

Product Type: Royal Double

Unit Size: 2' 7" x 5' 7"


Product Description

The Royal Double Station Hamstring Stretch is a great way for visitors to your fitness area to stretch out important muscles in their legs before beginning more rigorous exercises. Hamstring muscles are notoriously painful and damaging when torn, which is why it is vitally important to ensure that they are properly warmed up before attempting any potentially dangerous exercise like running, gymnastics, or anything else that involves rapid leg movements. The device has two extended posts with a specialized padded coating. Users plant one foot on the ground, and the other on top of the stretching post. They can then lean toward the elevated foot to perform a stretch that directly targets the intended upper leg muscles. There are two stretching posts, set at different heights to provide different intensities of stretching. Users can start on the shorter one and work their way up to the taller one when they feel prepared.  Both sides of the fitness station have helpful instructions explaining how to use them.

Royal Double Station Hamstring Stretch

$2,250.00 Regular Price
$2,025.00Sale Price
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