Product Specifications

Age Range: 13 years +

Muscle Group: Back

Product Type: Royal Triple

Unit Size: 9' 4" x 10' 10"


Product Description

Synchronized rowing is an incredible form of exercise that strengthens the arms, legs and torso. Unfortunately, few people ever get the opportunity to try it out for themselves. But now, with the Royal Triple Station Rower everyone will get the chance. There are three stations that allow individuals to exercise at the same time, while facing each other. Just like in real rowing, they can try to get a rhythm going and pull back on the oars at the same time. This keeps them motivated and going at a steady pace. The hand grips provide a reasonable, but not excessive amount of resistance, making them an exercise that anyone can do for at least a while. The Royal Triple Station Rower is just like rowing an actual canoe, except safer, more convenient, and with a much lower chance of getting splashed.

Royal Triple Station Rower

$5,948.00 Regular Price
$4,576.00Sale Price