Product Specifications

Model Number: PKP243 

Age Range: 5-12 years

Child Capacity: 58-67

Fall Height: 96"

Post Diameter: 3.5-inch

Safety Zone: 35' 6" x 39' 2"


ADA Accessibility

Elevated: 11 components

Ground Level: 5 components


Product Description

Few play systems are as interesting to look at or as fun to play on as San Angelo. At a glance, it is hard to see just how many components there are, since they are so well layered. But despite its compact and manageable footprint, it is one of out most detailed structures available. The winding path of elevated decks ascends all the way from the ground up to an 8-foot tall platform, with plenty of slides and activity panels along the way. It even has built-in climbers within the decks that allow children to climb straight up them the quick way. It’s height is great for two reasons. More height means bigger slides, which San Angelo uses to its full advantage. Additionally, the height allows other components to fit underneath the decks, which allows room for a Store Panel, Bench Panel, Ship’s Wheel, as well as both a Math and Spelling Panel for some academic practice and creative play.

San Angelo

$25,778.00 Regular Price
$23,200.20Sale Price
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