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Protect from harmful UV rays

Select designs offer up to 100% UV Blocking


Product Description

Protect and cover a deck, patio, or play area with the Sand Dollar Sail Fabric Shade. The outdoors can be unpredictable and can change at any minute - prepare yourself from the elements with these high-quality covers! Shield yourself from sudden rain or inclement weather. Too much exposure from the sun can also be harmful. These shades will shield from UV rays and provide some much needed cover from the bright sun during the hot, humid summer days. Continuous cover over your outdoor structures will also protect your them from fading and deterioration, prolonging the life of your equipment. The Sand Dollar Sail Fabric Shade is mounted in the ground. The 20 x 20 foot size features a glide elbow, while the 36 x 36 foot size utilizes sail fan plates. Choose your size and customize the shade and post color to perfectly match your outdoor area. Contact one of our experts for a free quote and for any additional help - we are here to help!

Sand Dollar Sail Fabric Shade

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