Product Specifications

Model Number: PFT057 

Age Range: 13 years +

Muscle Group: Core

Product Type: Single Station

Unit Size: 1' x 5' 3"


Product Description

The Single Station Waist Twister stretches out and tones abdominal muscles in an innovative way that no other piece of fitness equipment can match. Users stand on the spinning platform, and hold onto the overhead rungs. There is also a set of lower handles on the support posts of the structure for those who might have trouble reaching the upper pair. The user then twists their body back and forth, moving all of the muscles in their midsection in the process. The spinning platform has a non-slip surface to keep users stable as they twirl around. The activity is straightforward enough that anyone should be able to figure out how to use it without much difficulty, but unique enough that it will be unlike any fitness equipment they are used to using. All parts of the structure are made from high-quality materials built to last long in any conditions.

Single Station Waist Twister

$1,038.00 Regular Price
$882.30Sale Price
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