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The Village Bench with Back is an attractive metal bench with a distinctly modern appearance, which comes from its unique circular armrests as well as its curved edges. Its rounded shapes form a perfect contrast with the straight vertical metal straps which give it a stripy texture which is sturdy yet elegant. These metal straps form both the seat and back of the bench, curving in a way that makes them particularly comfortable to rest against. The spaces between the strips are thin enough to be comfortable while still allowing moisture from weather to drain so that the bench stays dry. It also comes with a choice of Industry Standard Coating, Powder Finish Coating, or a specialty Advantage Coating, all of which keep it looking great while protecting it against the elements. For unique style and comfort, look no further than the Village Bench with Back.


Model Number: BVL04-P-58-000

Standard Finish Colors

(5-year Warranty)

Extreme Finish Colors

(7-year Warranty)

Village Bench with Back

$887.70 Regular Price
$798.93Sale Price
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